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How do I figure out what my ring size is?

Australia uses letter sizing which most of the jewellery shops in England also go by. Different countries have different sizing methods but most of the world goes by number sizing.

The most common size for Ladies is a size N to P and for Men it is a size T to V.

The best way to work out your size, is to measure the inner diameter of one of your own rings, then look at the chart to see which size has the closest measurements.

Another way is to wrap a 5mm wide piece of paper around your finger. Stick the paper together so that you can move it up and down the finger (This is to make sure you can get it past the knuckle). Take the piece of paper off and measure the inner diameter, to see which of our sizes is closest to those measurements. So for example if your ring is a size S or W, then a size U will also most likely fit you.


Do you have other sizes available? Can rings be resized?

Yes we do have other sizes in stock, simply email us. Include in your email the Ring Name, the number of the rings you are interested in and the sizes you would like.

These rings can be resized but it is difficult to find a jeweller that will resize gold plated over brass products. Also the cost to do this would be more then the price of the ring, so it really would not be worth having them resized. 


Ring Size Chart for Australia and US measurements 


J, K, L                     5                           15.7mm                     49.3mm

L, M, N                    6                           16.5mm                     51.8mm

N, O, P                    7                           17.3mm                     54.4mm

P, Q, R                    8                           18.1mm                     56.9mm

R, S, T                     9                           18.9mm                     59.5mm

T, U, V                    10                          19.8mm                     62.1mm

V, W, X                   11                          20.6mm                     64.6mm

X, Y, Z                     12                          21.4mm                     67.2mm

Z, Z+1, Z+2               13                         22.2mm                     69.7mm

Z+2, Z+3, Z+4           14                         23.0mm                     72.3mm

Z+4, Z+5, Z+6           15                         23.8mm                     74.8mm