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Victoria's Kingdom Restores Antique Pearls

Something I have always been an avid collector of is Antique Pearls; currently I'm  teaching myself to restring pearls by reading many books and following many tutorials I have honed my skills.

Pearls are a soft natural stone produced by molluscs, the nacre is layered upon an irritant either cultured or natural.

Many pieces I have restored have ranged from peal coated plastic, natural south sea, freshwater, and black pearls.

My pet project, restoring this antique pearl necklace from Georges on Collins St.

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Officially this service is by enquiry only, please contact me on to schedule an appointment and have a quote assessment for the repair and restringing or pearls.

Depending on how often you wear your pearls you may need them re-strung yearly.

To take good care of your pearls to make sure you can make them last as long as possible, never hang them as it will stretch the silk or fibre threading it together. Always put pearls on last after perfume and make up and remove them first before undressing or changing. Store them in a soft natural cloth and do not expose them to rough surfaces or environments that will chip or scratch the surface as pearls cannot be polished.

Never use a toothbrush or an abrasive like toothpaste to clean, warm soapy water with a soft sponge and gentle wiping will remove any unwanted dirt from the surface.


Restrung another beautiful antique pearl necklace

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Restrung this Antique pearl necklace from Thomas Sabo for a client

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